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Fair Warning by Jeff Chavez


"Poverty, Crime, Racism, Addiction, and Abuse will never be solved by politicians or institutions.

Real societal solutions begin at home."

Jeff Chavez, Author of Fair Warning


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Fair Warning

Why Real Societal solutions Begin At home

Fair Warning explores the impact of familial leadership on personal behavior and societal outcomes. The author, Jeff Chavez, explained, "There is a direct and undeniable correlation between what's taught in the home and young people's ability to begin making choices that will lead them to inevitable sorrow or unparalleled joy." 


As America now strains under the collective consequences of drug and alcohol abuse, political corruption, sexual assault, dysfunctional homes, crime, racism, materialism, negativity, declining spirituality, and a myriad of crippling addictions - this message has never been more relevant. 


Our current social crisis goes much deeper than politics and policies. What we are witnessing is a national crisis of character. It is a crisis born from a lack of leadership by parents for their children. If we want real change, this must change. 


How? By giving our children Fair Warning about society's well-known stumbling blocks. 

Fair Warning that every child deserves to receive, but too often does not in today's hurried society.


Get ready to reevaluate your approach to instilling the principles of hard work, honesty, positive attitude, and spirituality. Learn what it really takes to produce children who stand firm amid the compromising influences of peer pressure, media hype, sex, and the party scene. 

Jeff Chavez, Author of Fair Warning

Jeff Chavez is a writer and entrepreneur residing in

Provo, UT. Between adventures, reading, and writing, he and his wife are working hard to raise seven great kids.

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